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Friday, July 10, 2009

Ennamaa Thozhi..

After subscribing to Direct TV, we are kind of hooked on to this Vijay TV. In a way, this channel is lot better than that other boring channel lineups. It is not like other channels where they run serials for hours together. This has more free flowing programmes like Super Singer, Boys vs Girls, Koffee with Anu etc., Am not saying that everything is perfect, but atleast it has some quality programmes. Programmes like Super Singers provides a platform to the budding talents and it sets the base for lot of youngsters. It showcases the talent of many individuals. Ravi literally rocks in the show.

We were watching Boys vs Girls yday night and it was more of a recap round. One particular song caught our attention in the friendship round. At first I thought it was a jingle or an ad. This song was supported by an awesome performance of an young girl called Abhinaya (along with Brinda Dass). I immediately googled and found the sound in internet.

Hear this song at

I was humming this song till I entered utopia. It was a great song. Have fun!!